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Mental Health

Current vape users are twice as likely to be diagnosed with depression compared to those who have never vaped.

Toxic Components

The heavy metals found in vapes have been linked to respiratory diseases, including lung cancer.


Most nicotine comes from tobacco plants. Millions of trees are cut down every year by the tobacco industry so they can plant more tobacco.


If you’ve caught yourself thinking about vaping when you wake up, or looking forward to it when you have downtime, your habit may qualify as an addiction.


Vaping costs up to $1,500 per year.

Big Tobacco

Big Tobacco targets teens. Over 75% of students nationally have reported seeing e-cigarette ads on TV and other mediums—especially the internet.

Pep Talk

“Hey! Norm here. Click the speaker to hear the best pep talk you’ve ever heard!”


Image of Norm’s office, cluttered with retro items and silly tchochkes, including an old computer, a tube TV, a rolodex, and a singing fish. On the desk of Norm Davidson
Bowling trophy with name plate saying, 'Most Improved: Norm Davidson'

My Pride and Joy

I was lights out the second half of the 2011 season. I felt I deserved an award for it, so I had this custom made.

Figurine of cute donkey

Donkey Salt Shaker

I play a lot of bingo. When I saw this little guy as a prize, I knew I had to have him.

Formal-looking certificate dated December 2018

Certificate of Completion

Business tip: Always have a certificate on your wall. I got this one after completing my crossing guard training.

Karate trophy

Karate Award

“Never judge a person by the color of their belt, but by kindness in their heart.” — Me (Yellow Belt)

Bowling plaque with name plate saying, 'Participant: Norm Davidson, Gutter Dusters, 2018'

Bowling Plaque

Gutter Dusters: the only team in league history to all bowl between the legs.

White plastic sunglasses with '1-833-HEY-NORM' inscribed on the temple

My Trusty Shades

Everyone’s got their go-to pair of shades. In my case, I have 200 pairs of go-to shades sitting in a box in my garage.

Bright blue megaphone


‘Cause sometimes you just need to get LOUD!

White mug with Norm's smiling face on it

Signature Mug

There’s nothing better than drinking milk out of a mug with your face on it.